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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 10, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> terry: in the news this saturday morning, murder in a quiet san jose neighborhood. a wife dead and husband the suspect. and david petraeus resigns after admitting he had an extramarital affair. let's start with a look at the forecast. right now. here is lisa argen. >> it is nice and sunny in most areas and certainly cool out there. we are looking at a few lingering showers to sink south of the bay area. live doppler 7-hd shows some showers south of salinas. this is all in association with the cold upper-level low that continues to exit the bay area. as it does, we will see a pretty nice day today. temperatures are coming out of the 30s. we'll see 40s and 50s early on, but afternoon highs still shy of where we should be for this time of the year. we are looking at numbers in the upper 50s for afternoon highs
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for oakland and san jose and that brings us anywhere 10 degrees below average. another round of cool weather coming tomorrow morning and rain chances returning mid-week. for many people in the bay area, this is coldest morning of the season so far. the coldest temperatures as we just saw can be found in the north bay. that is where our reporter is in napa. >> hello. good morning. it is a cold morning here in napa. my phone app says a brisk 34 degrees as the sun is starting to rise. it is a beautiful morning here a perfect morning to go hot air ballooning. these are the perfect conditions for hot air balloons so they don't rise too quickly. unfortunately we have to take you away from that beautiful scene and show you some of our video we got early this morning in the dark of night in downtown
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napa. skies were clear. we could see a beautiful moon through light clouds. mainly cold and dry. cold was evident on the cars covered in frost. we went around downtown. we got mixed reaction about this morning's freezing temperatures. >> this is the coldest it's been this year. three days ago it was 80 degrees. >> it's gorgeous and wonderful and beautiful. the sunday is going to be up today. we are excited about the day. >> i wear shorts until about 30 degrees. >> so you are six degrees away from that? >> it's getting close. >> you're not cold at all? >> not a al at all. >> jennie from denver she was running in 36-degree temperatures. there was a light fog over the
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napa river. one man captured it through the camera. the sun is coming up, people are coming out to get their morning cup of coffee. they are not letting their cool temperatures interfere with their plans. sometimes we get tough assignments, i would say this is not on tough one. it's a beautiful one. i heard from mike nicco, he said frost was covering his car too this morning. it's all over the bay area. it looks like it look beautiful, beautiful day. we're live in downtown napa, "abc 7 news". >> terry: this morning, police continue looking for a san jose man whose wife was found murdered. they are looking for troy nocenzo. alan wang talked to the man that was raised by the couple. >> he returned to the home where
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he was raised by his aunt and uncle. >> been together for 27 years and happy marriage. >> he says his own bout west side the law and financial problems between the couple cautioned friction in the house and forced harper to move out. >> i had my problems and uncle had his problems and people accuse each other and there are more problems. >> reporter: someone made a 911 call from the home in the morning. about an hour later they found founded his aunt in the home dead. detectives aren't saying how she died but they say the suspect is her husband. 54-year-old troy edward nosenzo. her husband was a black belt and there were two physical one fron tiagsz, once in the home and once with the father who has never cared for harper or his
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siblings. >> to teach him a lfdz. to take care of your kids. >> they have been to the house for several times with problems with harper and problems between his uncle and aunt. >> police believe 50-year-old troy nocenso is driving a gray chevrolet silverado pickup truck with license plate 8will 70015. he is wanted for murder. >> new details this morning, on the sudden resignation of the head of the c.i.a. david petraeus, sources familiar with the investigation, that c.i.a. director petraeus was having an affair with his buying grapher biographer. >> the resignation stunned the city. one of the most respected and
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disciplined public officials left office admitting an indiscretion. in a statement to c.i.a. employees, he acknowledged an affair what he called extremely poor judgment. such behavior is unacceptable the statement said. both as a husband and as a leader of an organization such as ours. on thursday, petraeus went to the white house to turn in his resignation the same place he so frequently been called on to serve. >> it's a great privilege to serve there. >> the affair was discovered by the f.b.i. after inappropriate e-mails surfaced. the focus of the probe turned to his biografpher. >> ended up being a text between both of us. >> he was one of architects to the surge in iraq. from iraq to afghanistan and then the call to head the c.i.a.
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>> are you ready to come back, ready for the c.i.a.? >> i feel very fortunate to provide such an opportunity to serve and contribute. >> as he took over the c.i.a., holly his wife of 37 years sat by his side. two had met at west point. she was from a long line of army royal. her great, great grapher fought in the civil war. her own father was a retired four-star general. it was dedication and patriotism. they had done so much to help military families through their work. >> now its the strain of deeply personal failure. he had to go. such a revelation was devastating. two residents of a senior care facility have died from
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eating poisonous mushrooms. on tuesday, a caregiver picked beild mushrooms and cooked them as a treat. they turned out to be poisonous. an elderly person died yesterday and second person died last night. it appears to have been a tragic mistake. >> a third person connected to the vandalism and yours of an muni bus is under arrest. he was taken in custody and charged with felony vandalism following the giants world series win. they say he is the man in the pictures and they are still looking for this man that smashed the bus with a metal barricade. >> people in contra costa continue to show the support of for a local chp officer kill in the line of duty. about hundred people bought tickets for a fund-raising dinner honoring
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kenyon youngstrom. man that shot him was killed at the scene by another officer. the officer died the next day in walnut creek. proceeds from the banquet will help his wife and the couples four children. she was especially touched how many people turned out. >> how many people show their love and support. >> terry: karen wilson, event organizer, didn't even know. >> street violence took the life of a teenage boy. police were called to 26th avenue about 7:00 last night when they found the victim suffering from numerous gunshot wounds. police are beginning their investigation. so far there is no investigation on suspects or motive. >> the family of an oakland teenager after being shot by oakland police will rally today
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against police tactics they said led to the deadly confrontation. they reject last month's findings that the shooting was justified with no charges filed against the officer. at noon today. the parents will discuss independent analysis of the case conducted by bay area civil rights lawyers. they blame the confrontation on the police department's use on racial profiling. that will be followed by a march from 14th and broadway through downtown oakland. >> some of the world's top surfers hoping to hang ten at mavericks. the feeling of winter in some parts of the bay area. we'll tell you which ski re
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>> terry: health advisory is posted for the beeps of monterey county due to dangerous levels of bacteria and other nasty stuff. they discourage swimming where storm drains empty into the ocean. recent rains and runoff are sending potentially dangerous levels of bacteria viruses and chemicals in the ocean. advisory will remain in effect following three days. >> surfers all over the world or standby for the mavericks competition. they are waiting for monstrous surf. take a look at the view. window opened yesterday with a prayer ceremony. ama daetz has the story. >> sky7hd hovered over half moon
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bay. 24 competitors and local surfers joined hands in the water for a prayer circle. >> they say a prayer. they all talk personally what this means to them. it's very special. >> rocky is the president and ceo of mavericks. he is confident this year's conditions will be ideal. last time they were able to hold the contest was in february 2010. >> all the meteorologists said it looks really good. >> mavericks is known for monster wave. >> even the best surf in the world may not be able to get a wave out here. >> the beach is only for emergency crews. >> you are going to view it at the hotel. we're having a festival there. we got a big screen tv. surfers will come in and talk to everybody. >> 30,000 to 40,000 people are
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expected to attend the event. that is what the restaurant like to hear. it means a boost in business. >> once they get here, you got them. it's like going fishing. >> mavericks is one day competition a. depending on how the conditions come together, surfers may have only 24 hours' notice. the conditions are looking good this year. rocky tells me it's looking good between now and christmas. a new storm in the sierra has skiers waxing up this morning. they are digging out from a fresh foot of snow. up to 18 inches of snow fell at donner summit,. they are opening today. it's a boon for ski shops where people are ready to hit the powder. >> it's going to be a banner season. last year we had season passes
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and it was a total bust. it was totally dirt. >> terry: a little closer to home, you can go to the north gay mall in san rafael. ice rink is open at noon today. there is another one at san francisco at justin hermann plaza. you can also go skating in napa. our reporter is up there and blowing the steam out. >> lisa: tis the season and coiled air settling in for the valleys but a little wind around the city allowing for the mixing and warmer start from 40s to 50s from oakland to san francisco. we'll talk about our next high temperatures and rain returning, that is coming up. >> terry: also next the warriors play los angeles lakers and kobe bryant goes off.
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>> terry: welcome back everybody. this is heavenly resort camera will. talking to lisa argen, temperatures up at tahoe low 20s. keep in mind that boriel opening today, chains on 80 and chains on 50 and woman just long enough
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to give us new information is lisa argen. >> lisa: checking it out. yosemite had five inches of snow. that is impressive. heading south and back home we're looking at maybe a lingering shower but across the bay it's beautiful out there. lots of sunshine. we have fog in santa rosa but the sun is going to take over melting that frost and numbers coming up out of the 30s. even protected valleys have been awfully cold this morning. you can see the showers running parallel to the coastline. the energy associated with this is headed out of the bay area. there is little thing called lake effect snow in the sierra nevada where it piles up on the east side of the lake. up to three inches around carson city and reno. you can see it blowing over the lake. it pictures up the lake and
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dumps it on the other side. definitely some travel troubles in the high country but degree over freezing in santa rosa. oakland, dropped into the 40s as well as san francisco with some warmer air headed in into a redwood city. chilly mid 40s from livermore to concord and san jose. this morning with a little bit of wind out there, you have managed to stay around 50 degrees. gusty north winds, half moon bay up to 20 miles an hour and west wind has allowed you to stay well into the 40s this morning. these winds will be backing off late tonight. that is going to bring in another frosty start to the day tomorrow. sunny and cool today. a little warmer to start the week. that will be monday and tuesday. chance of showers could return wednesday into thursday. not much of a system but we have this system move on through on thursday. behind it still energy.
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this cold low continues sinks go to the south and east. with it, taking the cool unstable air, but leaving in its wake the chilly conditions. forecast animation shows the moisture heads out of town leaving us with numbers ten degrees below average today and tomorrow. in fact, across the state, very cool, it's only 60s in los angeles. we're talking 57 in sacramento. definitely getting into the season and feeling like autumn. numbers around the bay ranging from the mid-50s in the city. couple gais games going on. cat, upper 50s. is a 58 in san jose. 55 in half moon bay. low 50s should do done it around point reyes. 59 for salins and 57. we're going to start cool tomorrow and couple degrees of
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warming. the parade is tomorrow. highs in the mid on 60s. then next system looks like it will visit us toward the middle of the week. the whole week looks rather cool. >> terry: it should be. thanks a lot. >> in sports at noon, number 11 oregon state takes on stanford down at the farm. oregon plays cal and bears final game of the season. warriors host the nuggets following last night's loss to the lakers. >> good morning. the warriors were in l.a. and lakers were in disarray. they fired their head coach but that made them desperate against the golden state team that only shot 34% from the field. stone cold. the interim coach, we got off to
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a decent start. seth curry this is spectacular, what a finish. ankle is fine, with 18 in the game. lakers jumped on the offense and bryant for 3. to the third quarter, this jumper, cleaning up and warriors down by only 4. kobe, bringing the lakers to victory. lakers up 10. meadow world peace, what are you doing taking 3. fourth quarter. kobe with a steal and slam. he led the way with 27. who needs a coach. lakers cruise 101-77. >> bay area show down at oracle arena. first time they played each other since 2005. stanford three of seven and big
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man that can do it. going from deep. stanford taking control in the second half. aaron bright gathers the loose ball in and takes it all the way and great passing by stanford here. this is powell with authority! he had a career high of 27. stanford wins 74-62. >> will it be the end of an era tonight in berkeley? cal is hosting number two oregon with questions swirling around the future about their coach. we flashback to two years ago. when oregon came in as the number one team in the nation and they barely escaped with a 15-13 win. the situation is different now. ka cal is 3-7 and they got injuries, zach maynard and keannan allen are both hurt.
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>> it seems like they have speed all around the board in every position. i think the team's speed really stands out. offense gets a lot of attention, but their defense is excellent. it's an all around really good football team. >> you got see this. funny car driver engine explodes during a qualifying session in pomona. he was fine. he walked away without a scratch. he joked later on if somebody wanted to donate a left eyebrow he would gladly accept. unbelievable. we've got notre dame, boston college at 5:00 p.m. followed by another issue of "lexus after the game." i'm larry beil. >> coming up next, "abc 7 news" follows up on the evacuation of a peninsula hotel.
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you will hear from a doctor whose miracle diag
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>> terry: big story out of washington will directly impact the bank accounts of every american. they are locked in a high stakes duel to prevent taxmageddon. here is the latest from the white house. >> thanks everybody. >> if you listen to the president. >> not every detail of the plan. i'm open to compromise. >> and the speaker of the house. >> everything. everything on the revenue side and on the spending side has to be looked at. >> it sounds like a deal to avoid that fiscal cliff of tax hikes, $3700 for the average
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family and massive spending cuts all possibly sending us back into recession. it sounded like a deal is possible. >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> that means more tax money, raising tax rates will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. that is the problem. the president declared the election proved that americans agree with his approach, including the rich pay more. even though the congressional budget office saying letting increase taxes for the rich could cost 200,000 jobs. >> it would be negative. i think at the end of the day, necessary to address our long term fiscal problems. >> the opening position from the republicans seems to be don't increase tax rates but get rid of some deductions to bring in more tax money. that may not be enough to keep us from going over that fiscal cliff, but that fall may be
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enough to force political leaders to finally do something. >> if we do nail this down, i think the economy is off and running. we're just one piece of legislation from a much stronger economy. >> getting that one piece of legislation may prove difficult. the president says voters picked his path but the house speaker points out that they returned a republican house. david curly, abc news, white house. an official accusation and abuse of power by a hercules councilman. councilwoman is in hot water with fellow council members for silence ago resident over blog posts she believed was critical of her. they accuse her of interfering with a premeditated and conspiring manner, end quote.
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new this morning, the financial benefits the golden state warriors would bring to san francisco are estimating $54 million and that is just for starters. warriors plan to build a 17,000 arena at pier 32. a new study projects $54 million in one time revenue and $19 million each year after that. the estimate assumes they would hold events outside of basketball season. >> only on abc7 news we have learned the back story to a dangerous situation that happened on the peninsula. a hotel had to be evacuated thursday morning because of the spread of carbon monoxide poisoning. a doctor likely saved lives in the process. vic lee has the story. >> at about 1:00 a.m. thursday, some 500 guests were evacuated from their rooms at the embassy
8:33 am
suites hotel. this after firefighters found a carbon monoxide leak in the swimming room boilers. paramedics transported a guest suffering from an undisclosed illness. a c.a.t. scan was performed. the results puzzled radiologist >> something didn't look right about it. the harder i looked the harder i scratched my head. >> they thought he may have had a stroke but results of scan were different. it might be carbon monoxide poisoning but still not positive. >> i've only seen it wince or twice during my training. i said -- oh, my gosh, am i going to make this kind of call. >> he told e.r. doctor and she can't believe it. >> where in california -- i haven't seen carbon monoxide
8:34 am
poisoning since i was a medical student. >> tests showed that the carbon monoxide was abnormally high but just about the amount of a heavy smoker. his wife says she didn't smoke. >> the fire department supplying oxygen to this patient so quickly and in such a high flow. that is why the level was lower. >> after consulting with the paramedics, firefighters decided to go back to the hotel and test the grounds for carbon monoxide. they isolated and the hotel guests were evacuated. a potentially bigger disaster was prevented. >> we're kind of like detectives. it's kind of like real life episode.
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>> neither doctors, they say, think of themselves as heroes. >> its small piece to a big puzzle. i'm glad that the diagnosis i made led to the safety of a lot of other people that could have been seriously injured. >> we have good news. the patient that was admitted to the hospital is apparently doing better. we're told he can now wiggle his toes which doctors say is an encouraging sign. >> terry: coming up a new tool in the fight against skin cancer. dolphins bringing therapy for veterans back from the war zone. it is gorgeous as we look out mounts tamalpais, sun reflecting off the water. details from lisa argen coming alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪
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so-called shark tanker, looks like shark action there hopefully in the near future. both sides are talking again. that is good news. more on that coming from lisa argen. bay area combat veterans had a unique opportunity yesterday. they a chance to swim with the dolphins. it's part of a larger program to help them transition back to regular life. >> its smile that doesn't come easily for charles quigley, not lieg lately since he served in
8:39 am
iraq. whoa! >> but here for an hour, they had the rare opportunity to swim the dolphins at six flags discovery kingdom. >> i didn't want to isolate the day. it's amazing. >> these men are all residential treatment called the pathway home at veterans' home in yountville. they have post-traumatic stress disorder. >> there is a cloud of hopelessness that hovers over them. a lot of that has to do with the fact they don't know how to de compress. >> goal is simple. to help them dealing with anxieties and learn how to relax again. >> learning how to relax in a positive way. learning how to be a civilian
8:40 am
again. knowing that life is all bad. >> bringing the vets here was her idea. he is a volunteer with the pathway home that happened to swim with the dolphins for her birthday. >> the horrible dreams and experiences. look at this. i get all emotional. >> beyond the smiles this is also about creating new memories to replace those other terrible images these men are working so hard to forget. >> i'll never forget this. >> terry: lisa argen joins us for the first time this season we're talking about chains and boreal mountain is open for business. >> and the frost still lingering in parts of north and east bay. lots of sunshine from vollmer
8:41 am
peak. you can see how blue it is. we will have a sunny weekend and will temperatures respond? i'll tell you about our chances for rain and talk about high temperatures coming up. >> terry: also ahead, new way to help doctors find out if you have skin cancer. it's fast, accurate and the doctor doesn't need to make an incision. >> you have heard overloading the washing machine. i'm michael finney,
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>> terry: 8:43, a gorgeous morning, you can see forever. you can see san francisco bay bridge, golden gate bridge, you can see alcatraz.
8:44 am
temperatures, if you are going sightseeing, wear something warm because it will be mid to upper 50s in most places. with that breeze, winds are going to feel colder than that. most appliances on the market are designed with energy efficiency in mind but front loading washers sometimes have a flaw. here is michael finney. >> richard of san francisco is showing us what happens when he puts a small pile of socks into his front loaded washing machine. >> it will shut down. >> he says his new kenmore washer sometimes stop in the middle of the cycle and he has to reset the machine. >> i accepted this. i have to put up with this only to find out, it's very small print this is endemic to this
8:45 am
machine. >> here is what he found. >> in the very small print, very small. >> unbalanced error message could mean the load is too small? so he can only do laundry if he has a lot of it? >> i called sears, i said, listen, i wish it said something because i wo might not have bought the machine. >> sometimes the machine handled small loads just fine. other times it stopped. >> so i called "7 on your side." >> we contacted sears which makes kenmore appliances. they explained. it said with small loads, clothes tend to clump on one side and may cause clothes to bump on the spin cycle.
8:46 am
if it doesn't work it stops and you get an error message. the solution, add more clothes. richard is showing us what happened. it smiax noisyly and then slows down and this time the machine completes the load. still he wanted him to be happy with his washer. >> come down and pick out a new machine. >> he swapped for this front load kenmore washer with a special setting for small loads. >> i'm thrilled. i like the new machine. >> so far richard says the new machines have done small loads without a problem. it's not just kenmore but other front loading washers can be more sensitive to unbalanced loads. i would like to thank sears to let richard swap out his washer.
8:47 am
>> terry: lisa was telling me we're coming off those pretty darn cold temperatures. you said low 30s on top of mount diablo. 30 degrees about 1:30 this morning. a little bit of wind. windchill definitely was in the 20s out there. right now we're talking about temperature a degree over freezing up in santa rosa. in sierra nevada we have chain requirements and couple inches are expected on the east side of the lake. lake effect snow warning up until 9:00. snow is winding down there. look at all the clouds and temperatures in the 20s with a little bit of fog, as well. back home, we're looking at a beautiful start. here is roof camera. numbers in the mid 50s for highs. we should see highs in the mid 60s this time of the year. we got spoiled the last couple of weeks. live doppler 7-hd shows a little
8:48 am
activity to the south of us. nothing really in the bay area but you'll notice that around gilroy, south soledad, you'll see showers and clouds. main activity is down through yosemite where we picked up half a foot of snow. this will continue as our weathermaker exits the bay area and much of california. there is the snow in the sierra nevada. it's cold start but a good start for the snow machines and early start for the skiers this year. we're looking at numbers still cold. napa, 39. good morning 49 for you. oakland with 50. 50 in mountain view and redwood city. the wind is making it feel cool but also keep the numbers up around oakland and west wind at 17. calm winds in napa and santa rosa. that is how the cold air settles into the valleys and brings that frost around.
8:49 am
gusty wind at the coast. north winds, 10-20 miles an hour. not getting out of the low 50s up to point reyes and talking about mid-50s at our coast. the water temperatures just in the low 50s. sunny and cool today. call it partly cloudy and that should follow through in to tomorrow with another cool started. a little warmer to start off the week monday and tuesday. by wednesday it will cloud up in the north bay and chance of showers returning come thursday. here is satellite and radar composite. notice all the snow to the east of us. cool unstable air off the coast. that is where it should remain as the low continues to track to the south and east of us. besides the cold start out there. away are looking at numbers not recovering much the next couple of days. here is a look at computer animation. partly cloudy skies on top for the afternoon. cool day today not only here, all across the state. we're looking at numbers in the
8:50 am
50s down to big sur. 64 in los angeles and we have gusty winds through southern california. the snow and the southern sierra but after that conditions pretty quiet through the early part of the week. 58 in livermore. 56 in downtown. upper 50s in santa cruz. beach weather last week and this morning we're getting out of that chill but still cool out there. veterans' day a cool start again. look for the numbers to slightly recover mid-week and maybe another system on bed, lingering into the latter part of the workweek. >> terry: thanks very much. a new decides could help doctors diagnosis skin cancer more accurately. it could save patients from unnecessary biopsies. carolyn johnson has the details. >> as an avid runner she has run a lot of miles.
8:51 am
but the sun caught up with her. >> the biopsy was this big. i think was close to 40 staples in my arm. it was big scar on my arm. >> she still carries that scar and growing number of smaller ones, ongoing battle to stay ahead of skin cancer. >> i get one every six months. he does a body scan on me. oftentimes you find things he has to biopsy. >> today, dermatologist is going to check out several small moles on her skin using a non-evasive technology. >> it's designed not as screening tool but for suspicious looking moles we wanted to get a computerized second opinion on. >> the leanl approved device collects images several layers deep into the skin by combining multiple light waves.
8:52 am
result is a multidimensional look at the makeup of individual skin legions including layers not visible to the naked eye. >> it looks at disorganization of pig zblay after the images are acquired the software uses a series of algorithms to produce a score. >> we know the average score is about 3.5. if something is zero or below, it almost certainly benign. >> there are limitation. it doesn't spotted non-melanoma keanks. it's best used as an added tool along with clinical judgment. it comes from regular screenings. ever since her surgery for melanoma on her shoulder. >> anything that could tell me that there was an irregularity
8:53 am
under the skin or on me or my husband or children, would be fabulous. >> a single skin cost $175 and not covered by insurance. biopsies are. in marcie's case it did offer the benefit of peace of mind without additional scars. >> very low score so the likelihood of it being a melanoma is extremely low. >> they say the optical system was actually adapted from a defense technology originally developed to identify potential military targets. coming up next, a bunch of splatd hits in mccovey cove. and how
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8:55 am
>> terry: winning numbers from last night's mega millions drawing. mega number was 11:00.
8:56 am
nobody got them all. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $19 million. >> national parks waive entrance fees for veterans this weekend. yosemite national park one of the parks offering free admission through monday. here in the bay area, one national park that is muir woods and that is free. current and former service personnel as well as reserve members of the armed forces and their families are eligible for this free admission. it's been observed since 2006. >> you may remember the oracle sailboat that crashed into the bay last month. parts of it is going to be used in today's red bull flight day. competition in san francisco. they have transformed the boat that was wrecked and turned it into a plane. 33 teams will launch flying devices at mccovey cove from a
8:57 am
30 foot platform. >> it will help them move from o from last month's training accident. 2:00 event begins at 11:00 this morning. you will be flying anything or driving anything into the bay today? >> no, i hope they're okay. >> wind blowing when you get out? >> air temperatures today. we're going to keep the chill around for the win. 56 in san francisco. 59 in fremont, san jose upper 50s. not much of a spread in morgan hill. tomorrow a frosty started, 30s around the bay and 40s and the parade for servicemen looking chilly but a little warmer to start the week. maybe rain mid-week. thanks for joining us saturday morning news. we continue at 4:00 p.m. today before college football. we want to remind you about our
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exclusive alarm clock app for the iphone. download it for free and look at the latest headlines, weather and traffic. to all the servicemen and women out there. thank you very much. enjoy the free admission and thank you for
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